Linen Water Country Lavender 33.8 fl.oz./1L


Traditionally used by French women to perfume the sheets, linen water is a subtle way to add fragrance to your clothes, sheets and towels with a delicate and soothing Lavender scent.
Linen water can be lightly sprayed onto your sheets in the morning or just before going to bed.
In your dryer, wet a cotton towel with linen water and place it in your dryer, this will lightly scent your clothes.
While ironing, spray onto clothes or use directly in the iron.
Dilute 1/2 measure of linen water with 1/2 measure of regular water, then pour the mix in your steam iron. Spray onto linens and clothes before ironing.

Linen water will not stain and will leave a gentle, light and fresh scent.

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