Bobo L'Ours Plush Icepack


Your child has bumped, he felt? He needs Bobo l'Ours!
Thanks to its ice cube, is applies directly where the child has bumped. Cold instantly soothes pain. The baby or child does not deny its application due to its playfulness...unlike, he only asks to keep him... How to use ? You just have to place Bobo l'Ours in the freezer. It's useless to remove the ice cube from the plush to put him in the freezer. In case of fall or shock, you just have to take Bobo l'Ours out from the freezer, he's ready to be applied.

The 7 Advantages of Bobo l’Ours:
Children like it
Plus hand ice pack are stocked together in the freezer
No side effects
Can be used at all ages
Doesn’t chill the fingers
Doesn’t stick to the skin
Long lasting (more than1 hour)
Innovative device intented to appease child pain and prevent from bumps

The plush is machine washable at 30°C.
The cube is water washable with mild soap.

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